deep poems is created to express oneself in the form of Poetry, Paintings, Art works or any relative talents in any medium. deep poems mainly intended to give recognition to the talents hidden in the people who are still far from technological side of lifestyle.

Poetry is the expression of inner feelings expressed by a creative mind in one's own words. If you are one, you are welcome to submit your poems in deep poems. Any language can be accepted to host. Art is the way to give colors to your feelings. The colors vibrate according to one's feel. The painter does just that. deep poems heart fully welcomes painters. Any art is the creative expression of a individual. deep poems is a platform to express your creativity in any form of art. deep poems is for you to express your artistic talent to the world.

deep poems welcomes one and all to participate in this creative era. deep poems invites talents that can make fantastic Fun to have great time together. deep poems is a complete free site run by volunteers who have great passion towards creativity. Any one across the globe is cheerfully invited to take part in this vision by hosting your respective color of talent and sharing with the aspirant creators and readers.

deep poems is intended to provide healthy entertainment to its visitors. For this reason, deep poems prevents open uploading / editing of any content to prevent any informal content on web. Therefore you need to send your e-content to be hosted in the site to




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